State of the Ra-CC-e

Here we are again, a week after the latest Creative Cloud versions of Adobe‘s products have been released and it’s pretty much like it has been for the last five years or so – a veritable mess. Time-warping the numbering scheme forward to 2017 hasn’t helped and as you would expect, you will find all the same bugs again that you hold so dear, from DynamicLink losing connections to obscure audio and output module errors in the video apps, totally random and inexplicable crashes in Illustrator and Photoshop mauling your files on save. Quality management at Adobe has seriously gone down the drain and by comparison, it makes some of the bugs we moaned about ten years ago look like a walk in the park. *umph*

Elsewhere everyone is already going crazy about Adobe MAX and the latest sneak peaks. I already told you that example-based painting will become a thing and now you have the demo software to play around with. Project Felix is obviously an attempt to replace Photoshop‘s botched 3D tools, but so far there’s nothing convincing to see. The renderings look sub-par and the way it’s being presented, it’s clear it’s just another link in the chain that binds you to Creative Cloud. Too much talk about Libraries, you know.

In a different part of this planet, E-on Software have released new versions of The Plant Factory and Vue. Due to some bad experiences with their shitty licensing system in the past I wouldn’t trust them to dispose of one of my used diapers, but on a geek level I’m inclined to think that they are beginning to get a handle on their products in technical terms. This latest much-delayed release is showing clear signs of getting more professional.

Belonging to Bentley Systems now there’s very obviously more emphasis being placed on things like playing nice with other apps, exchanging data or even trivial stuff like allowing better integration of pre-modeled height fields, which no doubt will make some architects happy as will the new interactive path tracer. Over the years Vue has gotten a lot better with its OpenGL previews, but there’s only so much you can do with them, after all.

Similar things could be said about the LOD features in Plant Factory and the compound Grow node, which should make it easier to create some sort of tree for arch-viz and the like even for people who have barely looked at the program. I just hope they also have gotten it to a level where it actually doesn’t crash every five minutes, which always annoys me even on those rare occasions I decide to play around with the PLE.

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