Maxon does a Radeon

The last days came with a little surprise that had everybody a bit stumped – Maxon is going to integrate AMD‘s ProRender (which until not so long ago was called Radeon Render). Never heard of it? Quite naturally so. Similar to the already integrated intel Embree acceleration stuff this is more of an API with a set of highly optimized core routines and libraries rather than an actual end-user rendering application (the basic tools that come with the code notwithstanding). The good news is that it’s based on OpenCL, so it should pretty much work everywhere, even on a shoddy cheap notebook with an on-chip GPU/ APU, the bad news probably is that, knowing the many shortcomings of Cinema 4D‘s current rendering options, it may not at all be that easy to implement nor come close to other renderers like Redshift in terms of quality and speed, at least not right away. In the long term it could work out, of course, and perhaps then that Cinema render stuff in After Effects might be going somewhere?

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