Oh (Con)Sole mio!

I’m rarely impressed by anything that happens in the After Effects world these days, but I have to give it to Mr. Kramer – he always seems to find a niche for his tools and then is pretty thorough in implementing the features. His latest, FX Console, is no exception. The biggest irony here is how he puts the shoddy Effects & Presets palette to shame, which of course could/ should have had all these features built-in natively for over a decade. My favorite are in particular the Overrides. The useless default settings on many effects have always been a thorn in the side of many artists. That’s of course assuming I actually were using animation presets. I rarely have/ do, because of their inability to store complex dependencies such as I usually create them when using my kind of expressions and of course the whole procedure is rather clunky when you have to select a large number of properties that go with the preset. So for better or worse, FX Console solves a bunch of problems, but how well it integrates into your workflow will hugely depend on the kind of work you do. for the most part it can be a time saver when you do assembly line kind of work, using specific effects and presets over and over, but perhaps not so much when you’re experimenting around and exploring things creatively, shifting things away from those preset values…

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