Every Rose has its Thorn…

…and every Babylon 5 had its Thornton. Yepp, exactly that one. Unfortunately the B5 curse seems to strike again and now Ron Thornton has some serious health troubles it seems and needs to raise some cash. The Larry Schulz story happening all over again? I hope not! After all, the effects on Babylon 5 were a big part of why I got into 3D graphics and obviously Ron was a big influence there. Given the limitations of the hardware at the time and Lightwave nowhere near being as sophisticated as it is these days, some of that wasn’t really half bad. Of course it was just as easy to see through if you were a Lightwave user, but who says that a few cleverly arranged and textured capsule primitives don’t make wonderful cargo ships. ;-) Back then I also always wondered how they could ever get anything finished. I vividly remember an afternoon at a friend of a friend’s secret cellar compound and us marveling at a single (!) lens flare on a then brand new first generation Pentium computer clocked at 90 MHz rendering in under a minute as opposed to taking three minutes on my 486DX. anyway, before I get lost in nostalgia, head over to the donation page. Perhaps you can spare a few bucks. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind going beyond those targeted 40k and have a comfortable safety margin, even if they already have collected quite a bit of money pledges.

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