Cinema Ray

How strange a place the 3D software industry has become once again becomes apparent when you read this bit of news about Maxon partnering up with nVidia over iRay. The funny thing of course is, that this feels a bit like someone picking up the pieces at a bargain price now that Autodesk have decided to dump anything that remotely reeks of Mental Ray and have declared Arnold their new lovechild. Don’t misunderstand me – iRay for Cinema 4D has existed as a never-ending pre-Alpha/ Alpha/ Beta for a while, but it never seemed to go anywhere. Combined with the other factors this seems quite a bit like someone desperately trying to find new markets now that the existing user base is slowly going to dry up. I also can’t shake the impression that in a market where people are drooling over renderers like Redshift this may come too late to make any significant impression – beyond perhaps one day being integrated natively in Cinema 4D, that is. It’s certainly an odd move at an odd time….

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