There used to be a time when I had my eyes firmly on those tradeshow dates, but these days I’m glad when I can keep my medical appointments straight. Yepp, it’s IBC again and as per the usual routine, it’s one of those events that most companies in the media industry use to make some sort of announcement. Of course Adobe can’t be left out and after the massive disappointment that was the last version of After Effects earlier this year there is now the “real” 2016 version.

From what information is available, this looks like more of the same, so once more the decisive question will be if it actually works “as advertised”. Integrating Cinema 4D‘s renderer natively was inevitable and I believe, I actually predicted it in one of my rants. For the time I maintain my position that it’s still sort of a crutch, but at least it will/ should mean the death of that awful failed Raytrace 3D experiment and in a bright future, when Cinema may get a better renderer there’s always the chance of a “convergence of technologies”, to use one of those hollow marketing phrases Adobe and Maxon are so fond of.

The Team Projects stuff is of course just another way to chain you to Creative Cloud. On an idealistic level it’s not even bad, but to me it would make much more sense as a locally client-server thing within a creative department. Trying to convince admins to grant the necessary network privileges for the outside world will be a massive showstopper for many people. The rest is not really worth talking about – hardware-accelerated Hue/ Saturation effect? *yawn* The logic behind this eludes me, considering that most of these effects have been near realtime even on large footage for years running only on CPU.

Overall this is another less than impressive release. However, the consolation is that there is some visible progress and a feeling that some things could turn into something useful, though it may take another two years before anything of the sort truly comes into fruition. On that note, someone dug up a recording of Adobe MAX Japan showing some stuff from a potential future. You may want to tune your crystal ball and hedge your bets. I’d wager that style transfer will become a thing in After Effects and in Photoshop some time not so far away. For my taste the fluid stuff looks to “fluid-simulation-ish”, though, in a bad and cheap sense…

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