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Fixer Upper

*sssshhhh*, don’t tell anyone, but there are times when I do watch those more or less awful shows on some of the Discovery Network‘s channels out of sheer boredom. Fixer Upper is one of them, where some interior designers and architects try to turn some of those terribly distasteful American country homes into something that might actually be enjoyable living in. The whole thing is done on limited time and on a limited budget and sometimes they run out of both. As things would have it, that is sort of mirroring the state in which After Effects seems to linger now for several years and just like when you build a house poorly and have to call in crafts people to fix the damage, you have to patch up your software. That has now happened once again for the epic fail that was the 2015.3 version of said program, so if you’re tired of audio issues on export, bad rasterization of vector content and a number of other things it might be a good idea to fire up your Creative Cloud app and let it check for new stuff in the hopes that the update may adequately fix the aforementioned problems. Not that it matters much – it’s IBC soon and no doubt we will be fed crumbs of the then “real 2016” versions and as much as we may start salivating at some of the potentially cool features shown, we will just as much dread the unreliable upgrades as we do every time. It’s really getting to a point where in order to sleep peacefully one might consider leaving all this behind just so the CC app cannot screw with your system…


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  1. I recently fell in love with the home improvement series Fixer Upper. The remodeling jobs are out of this world and the hosts Joanna and Chip make the tasks ahead of them appear fun and seamless. My husband and I purchased a fixer upper 5 years ago but sadly due to the economic crunch facing our country Jamaica along with the expenses involved in raising kids, it has remained at a fixer upper. If Joanna and Chip should ever visit Jamaica I would love to have their expertise landed to our little home.

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