Speed! – Finally!

For years one of my biggest frustrations has been my crappy 1.5 Mbit DSL Internet connection and living in a rural area, the alternatives have always been limited and expensive. Luckily last year we got some shiny optic fibre connection all throughout our small town by a regional network provider and aside from reviving my TV consumption with some more free channels allowing me to catch up on some really weird films at times, of course it was/ is supposed to make our lives here better with fast Internet. Unfortunately they didn’t finish building the new network in time, so I couldn’t cancel my old contract in time and it auto-extended for one more year (providers here in Germany hang on to their customers like leeches with contracts signed in blood and just won’t let you go). Now that year is almost over, so today I went and finally got myself a cable modem and a much better connection. 80 Mbit may not sound like much to some of you that stream Netflix in 4k and could exhaust even 400 Mbit, but for me it’s a giant leap. Downloading over 1.1 GB of app updates took minutes instead of over two hours and I was still watching something in HD on YouTube without hiccups. That would have been impossible before. For the moment at least I’m a happy camper…

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