Mister Gaaaariiiibaaaaldiiii!

Imagine the above headline being shouted out by G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) in his unique voice and intonation and you may understand why I still consider Babylon 5 perhaps the greatest space sci-fi series ever created – great writing, great acting, unique dynamics, decent effects for the time (let’s put aside the cheesiness factor of very 90’s looking sets in a chronically underbudgeted series for a moment). Sadly, Mr. Garibaldi a.k.a. actor Jerry Doyle has now passed away at the age of 60 of a so far unknown cause. While some of his storylines always seemed a bit inconsistent (for fun, try to keep track of the many different explanations of what he did as a soldier on Mars, the time-shifting recounts of his alcoholic relapses or the meandering in his relation with Lise [Hampton-Edgars]), he brought a much-needed fun element to episodes that were so grim and dreary they were almost drowning in darkness. Of course his almost “old married couple” relation with G’Kar and all the general bickering and exchange of witty quips with others were a huge part that made him so endearing plus with his sarcasm and a somewhat cynical view on things he often set the picture straight for the others. Awww… Unfortunately he never really got a chance to show off his talent in another series with a permanent role and perhaps gave up his acting a bit too soon in favor of pursuing his political ambitions as a senator. Come to think of it, based on both he would probably have nicely fitted into House of Cards

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