Fresh (Body)Paint

I admit, I really don’t like any form of digital painting. It’s always like you have to futz around with ten different brushes and a million brush strokes forever to achieve something that takes a minute with a piece of paper and a pencil. That also extends to texturing 3D stuff. Luckily, I did CAD visualizations and other technical stuff plus some motion graphics, so I never had to seriously get into painting beyond patching together some textures in Photoshop.

That said, I still followed this stuff at least on a nerd level and if I were to do 3D painting, Bodypaint clearly would be the last tool I’d be considering these days. It’s been dead as in really dead for years. Maxon made it free to their customers way too late and at that point it was already long surpassed by better technology in other programs and standalone tools. Not so much the actual painting, but obviously the UV editing was so clunky, it never got you anywhere. Even older versions of Lightwave already had better tools for this.

In light of those previous things I didn’t think they would spend much resources on revamping Bodypaint and rather come up with a new toolset for UV-ing while ditching the rest, but it appears I was wrong about it. Yepp, crazy as it sounds, they are renovating it. While I don’t care for the actual painting and the poorly done demo (including the ugly androgynous pirate model), there’s some interesting bits hidden in there. For one, it seems they are going to do a Modo and do a tiered roll-out in R18 with significant features not being in the initial release. The other part is that the OpenGL stuff seems to have received some love and tender care and is finally on a level that is comparable to other 3D programs. Could be interesting…

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