Andrew-JJ-Star Wars

With the imminent release of Star Wars – The Force Awakens on DVD and Blu-Ray just two days away here in Germany (incidentally making it a perfect gift for my brother’s 40th birthday), it’s a neat touch that we get to see a few bits and bobs more of the creative process behind it by ways of Andrew Kramer‘s NAB presentation. Not that it tells us something planet-shattering new that we couldn’t have deduced from seeing the footage already – after all, how many ways are there left to make glow-y, semi-transparent “holograms” look fresh and original? – but more is always better. There’s even a bit of a real takeaway from this when you consider that they implemented some custom features in Element 3D (which one day we may be lucky enough to get our hands on as well) and some custom tools. On a similar note, there’s a presentation from the Tribeca festival featuring the one and only J.J. Abrams himself, equally with some snippets on Star Wars and Star Trek sprinkled in as well as some funny remarks about lens flares. Now all I need to figure out is everyone’s obsession with Denzel [Washington]. That never even clicked with me when I saw Jeffrey (the movie version with Patrick Stewart) for the first time…

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