Purple M.F.

So far the year has been off to a bad start for music lovers everywhere with several notable deaths and, since misery loves company, we are here again adding Prince to the list. The little sex maniac zapped to space at the age of 57. As so often, one has to appreciate and admire his influence on the music scene, but regardless, I never would have bought a single album of his. I have a few of his songs on my iPod and strange as it is, the one I’m listening to most (when I’m in the mood) is his work for the first of the Tim Burton Batman movies, which, regardless what people may say, I still consider the best and most valid interpretation of Batman. That’s perhaps why it’s so burned in my mind. That and that guy running through the city of Leipzig with a vinyl of the soundtrack at the time the movie came out – the yellow negative space bat on black background was just impossible to ignore. One could go on forever about his role as a producer and composer, his battle with record companies and what have you, but truth be told, I’d have to totally make it up after browsing Wikipedia. So for what it’s worth – he surely will be missed one way or the other…

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