Lytro goes *poof*

I usually don’t get excited too much about some technologies, but back in 2011 light field cameras sounded like a cool idea and got me hooked – sort of. Of course the deficiencies and shortcomings were pretty obvious even then, but one could always hope. Those hopes were in vain as it turns out now. Of course the article is full of poetic corporate bullshit and trying to make even such a failure look good, but the simple truth probably is that they completely misjudged the market. In the end, even the decline of the conventional photography market is just a sign of other things, but at the same time just blaming it on smartphones is too easy an answer or excuse. It goes much deeper than that. Even that statement about turning to VR is weird, considering that they’re just lucky that Oculus and others created that market. Had they committed to that two years ago it might have looked visionary, but now it simply looks like a all too predictable scramble to salvage what’s left and desperately turn their technology into something that can recoup their investors’ money…

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