Non-gro(o)vy Trees, Godzilla and then some…

With things ramping up for NAB the usual wave of news – some more, some less interesting – starts building and so it should come as no surprise that the usual suspects join the dance.

Traditionally one of those has always been NewTek and despite Lightwave running as an independent business unit these days, somehow they can’t shake their heritage from the days of Video Toaster land and either intentionally or by mere chance things line up better with the video-centric tradeshows than SIGGRAPH. The performance updates look promising and I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual release isn’t that far away.

Something that’s already available is of course Grove 3D. They have a new release and while it deserves accolade to implement more (pseudo-)scientific features, I’m still not convinced. Not only does the bad geometry generation remain unresolved, but it seems to me that the new algorithms actually result in much less realistic and uglier trees because they are applied to every twig and branch arbitrarily rather than accumulating correctly. Perhaps they’ll get it right in v4…

Finally, our friends at RevisionFX have been at it again with RE:Lens. While beyond games (EVE:Valkyrie looks awesome!) I don’t quite get the latest VR trend/ fad and given how pricey it is it will probably remain out of reach for a while, I can get behind some of the creative uses of ultra-spherical lenses and of course with affordable “action cams” popping up everywhere, de-fishing is a growth market. In fact just a few weeks ago just shortly before his birthday my physical therapist started drooling over a GoPro to stick on his model racing car.

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