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Expressions in After Effects always have been both a curse and a blessing at the same time. Once you understood them, they offered up a lot of potential to do things more efficiently, but working with them always was a pain in the butt. The warnings were cryptic, you had no decent built-in editor and a lot about them often did not make much sense. Combined with the awfully slow evaluation speed it’s miraculous that I actually obsessed about this stuff as much as I did.

These days I rarely stop by on sites like AEScripts, so I totally missed out on the Expressionist plug-in which addresses some of these issues. It’s only today that someone mentioned an ongoing promo for the initial release.  Unfortunately it only works in CC 2015 (yes, the botched version) since it uses the CEP engine, so it’s not much use to us oldies that hang on to their precious pre-CC versions. Not all is lost, though, ‘cos you still can copy&paste to and from other JavaScript editors, which by all means could include Dreamweaver or ExtendScript ToolKit (ESTK).

Head over to the site if you want to have a look, just don’t get your head spinning from all the other stuff. I really find it amazing (in a negative sense) what shitty and expensive scripts are out there for the simplest of tasks. Absolutely cringe-worthy. Almost makes we wish to re-open my stuff site, be it just to dry out the market by offering some of this for free… *yikes*


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  1. LOL would love to see your shitlist for which scripts you think are terrible and we should avoid!

    • I’m sure you would, but I don’t plan on catching more flak than I’m already getting, so I’ll abstain from publishing a list. Suffice it to say that I don’t consider a lot of stuff that uses basic valueAtTime() expressions to produce delays and staggering animations or the gigazillions of “cool layer array” scripts a savvy investment and it has always been my opinion that if you need a script to organize your layers, you are already deep in trouble. Oops, sounds like a list, after all…

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