Substance (Ab-)Use

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s game-centric news some more announcements come in. First, the third “big” game engine is now joining the ranks with a “pay as you use it” model by ways of Cryengine. A few years ago this was the most impressive of them all, but lately they seem to have lost a lot of momentum and licensing customers by emphasizing the wrong aspects and of course Crytek‘s troubles as a company. Perhaps this will turn things around a bit.

The other news comes for Substance Painter being upped to v2. To say that people were excited when the original version came out would be an understatement, more like crazy. I don’t have much interest in games these days and playing the more recent ones on my 4 year old computer would suck, anyway, since my graphics card isn’t up to snuff and I’d have to lower the quality settings, but, and that is at least even a bit interesting, it of course nicely ties in with the new stuff coming to modo 10. It has supported Substance files for quite a while as textures and I’m sure integration will now go even further…

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