To Affinity and beyond?

Good news today for anyone getting tired of being chained to Adobe‘s Creative Cloud just to do a bit of image editing. What currently could be considered the hottest contender in that arena, Affinity Pro, is coming to Windows just as well! You can apply for the Beta test right here.

Why is this significant? Over the years many have tried to create their own clone of Photoshop, but ultimately failed because they only focused on certain aspects, have/ had terrible UIs or in emulating that program also inherited its flaws. Rarely anyone ever stopped for a second to actually re-think how things could be done differently and possibly better. That’s why Affinity gets me excited quite a bit. Though, in fairness, other programs are reaching a level of sophistication that almost makes them viable options. With the latest versions of PhotoLine and Corel‘s tools promising to open even PSDs with Smart Objects without destroying the original relation to the placed file and supporting more features like alternate color modes it opens up quite a few possibilities.

Elsewhere (and totally unrelated), SideFX have now decided to give Houdini Engine Indy away for free. At 99 bucks before it wasn’t exactly unaffordable, but with game engines like Unity and Unreal being free, it’s only a consequent move. Of course the reasons are clear – everyone is trying to get his piece of the pie in the games and VR markets and who’s first to have the biggest user base, will be there to stay. That’s no different with modo 10.0 v1, but that is a topic for another time, when I can tell you in more detail how not being able to use some features sucks on a GTX 580 card… ;-)

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