Over the weekend the After Effects mailing list has been abuzz with parting wishes and greetings for Mr. Kopriva and so it’s probably fitting to jot down a few thoughts on this as well.

There was a time in my life when I actually thought he was a cool guy, but then for the last few years perhaps not so much. As much as I want to, I can’t get that out of my head – you know, what they say about rats and sinking ships… After all, he and his predecessor/ boss Steve Forde are in considerable parts responsible for the mess that my once favorite program is these days and it seems a bit too easy and convenient to bow out now, when the current CC 2015 versions are still buggy as hell even after several allegedly bug-fixing updates.

I was also disappointed on a personal level, when things turned sour between me and certain things at Adobe, but that’s another matter. That and to me it always seemed like he had betrayed his own ideals. A long time ago when I met him personally in Dresden he mentioned the only reason he stuck with Adobe was because they “pay so ridiculously well” (his own words!), but he otherwise loathed it, because back then he clashed a lot with other people just like I do. Seems like someone got the better part of him with a big stack of money, after all, and ten years later he’s still part of the system.

Given these things and the state in which he leaves things behind, this is definitely a mixed bag. On one hand I wish him well for his future and his personal ventures, on the other hand I know I would struggle hard to not slap him in the face very hard if he stood in front of me. Oh well…

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  1. I already forgot what was the last useful thing that Adobe added to After Effects, maybe it was the new way to check for expression errors and that’s about it.

    • Well, one could argue that the Refine Edges and Key Cleaner stuff introduced in CC 2014 could be useful, though generally they just appear like token gimmicks so people “shut up”. And in the usual manner they are just supplements to other, outdated stuff, so as a whole it doesn’t really make too much sense. That ultimately is the biggest issue: After Effects‘ technical development has ceased to make sense. Everything is just a collection of isolated, highly specialized features, but workflow-wise, it’s never consequently thought through. Everything seems half-baked and unfinished and the wrong things are prioritized.

      • What you said about technical development it’s so true I mean why do we have like 4 trackers when we already had Mocha bundle since IDK CS5 I mean we already had that covered you could make an argument with the 3D tracker but the face tracking crap is utterly redundant when you take into account what I just said.

      • Exactly! Instead of having a unified tracker architecture that would help with all tasks (converting 2D trackers to 3D track markers and all that) we have to pick a specific tracker tool for each task. Simply stupid and way behind the times.

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