Gary Hu(h)?

I must admit that when it comes to the many “invisible” people that are part of any production of a movie or a TV series I’m as oblivious, deaf and blind to them as the next guy. It’s always the directors, actors and producers that stick in your mind, is it not? Therefore I won’t pretend that I immediately knew who it was when news of Gary Hutzel‘s passing came in, but when people started mentioning Deep Space Nine and Battlestar Galactica, two of my favorite series, the fog lifted and I remembered “that guy”. Dying of an unexpected severe heart attack at 60 is pretty awful, but then again so is withering away slowly. To paraphrase a sentence from Babylon 5 (yes, one of those other favorites): “Seems like I lousy way to die.” “Last I looked there weren’t too many good ones.” I think it’s an exchange between Sinclair and Garibaldi in season one, but don’t nail me on that…

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