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Everybody’s darling, Andrew Kramer, is back in action and took a hilarious spin on some of the aspects of agile development: The eternal state of software being never finished because, you know, you could always use that one more feature. As you may know from reading this blog, I’m not necessarily friends with some of that agile stuff. I appreciate the core values and intentions, but at times I feel it has done nothing more than get everyone in an eternal race to be the first to come up with new apps, implement a certain feature and so on, followed by the eternal upgrade spiral to fix bugs that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t rushed things out of the door. That may make some sense for web browsers and operating systems, but I’m not sure if having a new update for Photoshop every three months and all the baggage that comes with it actually makes anyone happy. Anyway, while I’m just as clueless as to what plug-in Video Copilot are working on (the promo picture could be interpreted as a a procedural planet or starfield generator or a (new/ free/ light?) version of Optical Flares), it’s good to see them back again…


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  1. I think is a glow plugin.

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