House of Frank

With the usual delays (not least of all my recent infection) I finally got round to firing up the House of Cards Blu-Ray collection I got just before Christmas and finished season 1 just yesterday after a bit of binge-watching for the last few days.

With those “critically acclaimed” series it’s always a bit difficult to determine whether they are for you and many similar politically themed series tend to be rather boring, but this one delivers and in spades and I had my eye on it for quite a while. Of course I particularly like the “no bullshit” attitude of Frank and several other protagonists, though it makes for a very dark and cynical overall tone. People are either used or try to use you and there’s complex plotting and scheming going on all the time.

The funny irony is that, given the current madness with the race for the presidential elections this year, one is more than ready to believe that many of the things portrayed in the series truthfully reflect the real going-ons and dealmaking behind the scenes. For my taste things also get a bit too complicated and chaotic by the end of season 1 and I’m curious how some of those knots will dissolve in season 2.

Technically and in terms of “production value” the whole thing is above any doubt, though I found the strangely muted, yet high contrast color grading and dark set lighting at times a bit stressful to the eyes and counter-active to the actual action. More thoughts as my viewing progresses with the second season…

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