Last Bow(ie)

Sad news today – as in really sad. David Bowie has passed away from cancer at the age of 69. I usually don’t make too much of these things or I’d be writing obituaries for every co-patient who missed his doctor appointment because he died of his illness, but in this case it really makes me sad. Clichéed as it sounds, but the man was a giant and his influence on the music world cannot be measured. Few artists had such a unique style and were truly able to reinvent themselves again and again. I did not listen to his music all the time, but from time to time I dug into my collection of a few songs of his when I was in the mood. Weird coincidence that his latest album Black Star had just been released and I checked it out on Spotify. And of course I also have very fond memories of that movie called Labyrinth where he was playing the evil wizard. Makes me wanna hum “What kind of magic spell to use? Dance magic?…” ;-)

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