Procedural New Year

The new year is off to a good start with a few news of the more nerdy variety. In my Cinema 4D days and long before I always took an interest in geometric patterns – organic, regular, abstract or otherwise – and so I spent a good deal of my time devising ways of creating such stuff procedurally using complex combinations of MoGraph, Boolean objects, metaballs and what have you. At some point then Proc3durale came along and it immediately eased some of the pains. Creating eroded rocks was suddenly super easy. It has now been updated to version 2 and promises better performance and a few tricks like border smoothing, so this should be even more useful.

Seeing such cool stuff really makes me wish that modo would have a voxelization and meshing tool, but to date it hasn’t save for emPolygonizer, which you have to buy. Still, it seems the program is coming into its own with more and more plug-ins being developed (like Fabric Engine). another one that is making mighty waves is PSoft‘s auto-rigging tool. As someone not doing character stuff I’m obviously pretty clueless about most of this stuff, but the video looks like even I could plug together a working rig successfully, so I’m still kinda enticed.

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