What Santa will bring

It’s almost Christmas, so everyone is taking their last breaths and doing a bit of end-of-year cleanout. As a result, news are scarce, but some interesting random notes have popped up in the last few days, regardless.

First, the long-expected Maxon blog has gone live just in time for you to ponder its deeper meaning and implications over the holidays. For now one can only hope it doesn’t turn out as “another corporate blog no-one needs (and reads)”, but who knows? Perhaps we can now get a little more relaxed and don’t have to rely on only being fed breadcrumbs whenever there is a tradeshow. Keeping in touch outside the event circuit/ circus certainly would be welcome.

That’s something the Lightwave people have never been good at, either, but at least their blog got a bit of a headstart and is beginning to shape up. The latest article sheds some light on their new “modifier stack”, which may mean nothing to you, but is actually pretty cool for old ‘Wavers. Dealing with deformations is one more example of how many powerful features in the program have been there for ages, but were not only buried under the awkward interface, but also fragmented into different infrastructures. I vividly remember being proud like a dog doing my first mesh displacement in 1994 just as I remember cursing a lot about the fixed deformation order later in my professional work.

Speaking of cursing: I’m finally getting House of Cards on Blu-Ray thanks to some unexpected Amazon voucher having dropped in. Now I only need another 20 or so of those to get me a decent camera for that other site to help with easier photo editing. ;-) Anyway, this should make some interesting binge-watching during those days of the year, when there’s a Christmas overdose on TV. Finally time to catch up so at least I can understand some going-ons in season four when it drops. That teaser with FU2016 already was gold. If anyone doesn’t see the brilliance of the wordplay, then they sure missed something… ;-)

And finally, one other thing not to miss is of course the new Star Wars movie. I reserved some tickets and Sunday finally is going to be the day. I hope it’s as good as everyone makes it sound, but I suppose we will find out, won’t we? ;-)

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