Patching the Patch

There was a time in my life when I was completely OCD over After Effects. I published tutorials, fired out plenty of projects, crafted projects on the fly to help out other users and was part of the Beta. These days I’m glad I have nothing to do with that ever since the program got really weird – that is since the failed Raytrace 3D in CS6, not to speak of the misery that came about with the CC version. I would probably facepalm myself all the time reading the stupid rationalizations of product managers and QA people on why things are the way they are. It’s a good thing I found myself some more interesting things to focus on. Still, I just can’t quite get over my past, so I’m still following things and get aggravated a lot. In what seems to be an endless chain of bug fixes and patches we now get another one. Will it hold its promise? One really should calculate the man hours wasted on this ill-conceived realtime performance nonsense and the constant race to get it right…

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