Christmas Scribbles

Yesterday I had a nice pre-Christmas meet with my ex-colleagues to catch up on the latest gossip. Before we met and sat down in a café I took a little stroll across the Christmas market in Leipzig and discovered some nice art prints in one of the huts. They are from Sergey Yakushev from Slovakia (though the name implies he’s actually Russian) and the primary reason they caught my eye is that they are actually quite similar in style to my roller pen scribbles when I do get around to add some shading such as in my Panda concept sketch. What made me buy a few of these postcards was this funky looking hedgehog (TZ 3). It really looks like Sonic the Hedgehog on LSD. *g* I got myself a few others as well, including the Christmas elephant just for the mere pleasure of enjoying the artistry. It’s perhaps a bit too close to the holidays and unfortunately the site is only in German, but if you are looking for something a bit more original as a present, this might be just it…

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