I told you…!

Here we go again – sadly – and contribute to the never-ending story of “Why does Adobe even bother to release unfinished, buggy software?” It’s unfathomable, really. Aside from the already mentioned obnoxious stubbornness of the CC app itself and its refusal to update and install apps, so far the most obvious issues are:

  • The undo and screen refresh issues in After Effects are not fixed and neither are the preview playback speed and audio issues. Too many people still report such stuff.
  • Pretty much every app that uses it suffers issues in the hardware acceleration department. Where it worked before, now it doesn’t. People are pulling their hair out.
  • The so-called Fuse “Preview” doesn’t open for many people. Character Animator Dèja-Vu, anyone?
  • Interestingly, Photoshop gets by rather well, though vector Smart Objects seem to be broken somehow. People report the function attempting to invoke non-existant versions of Illustrator or not working at all when trying to edit the data.
  • Now that they finally fixed high-DPI support in InDesign, people report readouts being too small on normal screens. Go, figure!

I’m sure there’s more coming the next few days and mommy told me not to gloat, but at this point would anyone really disagree that CC 2015 marks a low point and can essentially be written off as “the version that never even should have existed”?


3 comments on “I told you…!

  1. Not professional at all!

  2. One thing that still bug me is the ‘alt’ button in Adobe Illustrator. I often use it to zoom in an out, but that key also used for activating menu shortcut – which is unchangeable. Its quite annoying when you accidentally opened menu every single time.

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