Predictable 10

You know, there’s nothing more boring than when your grandma can tell you what new features will come to this year’s edition of your favorite software tool (or something along those lines) and I strongly feel that way about the raytrace render stuff in the upcoming Nuke 10. It’s so painfully obvious – users have been requesting an alternate 3D render node for years and beating this horse to dead – it was only a matter of time when it was actually coming. I even seem to remember having seen bits and bobs of this stuff already some while ago, but I may confuse it with something else. Anyway, leaving the mundane-ness behind (before people give me flak: I know it’s a valuable production tool, it’s just not exciting), I’m actually more enawed by the smart paint stuff. If the vector synthesis really works as advertised, this could be pretty cool. Either way, we’ll have to see how it pans out when we may get a chance to play with this stuff next year, won’t we? ;-)

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