The Room with a View

This week it was time for my annual medical check-up, so I spent it in the hospital at Universitätsklinikum Halle. Having a room on the tenth floor certainly has its advantages like having a nice view on the surroundings or seeing the rescue chopper hovering in on its approach to the landing pad. On the other hand being surrounded by patients with all sorts of lung problems and being in a room with a couple of elderly men with oxygen tubes that sound like breathing through broken pipes is not necessarily the best holiday experience… ;-)

One of the more annoying things about those hospital stays is the boredom and finding ways of passing the time. Lucky for me, just the week before The Room Three got released and I actually managed to get it downloaded in time so I could take it with me on my iPad. While just like its predecessors it’s one of the few original mobile games that I consider worth playing because they have been designed with the limitations of mobile devices in mind, it’s beginning to wear a bit thin. Most obviously it seems they can’t straighten out their “Zero Element” storyline and so this “riddles within riddles” thing get’s quite annoying at times. One really spends too much time, thinking “I saw that friggin’ symbol somewhere, but for the life of it I can’t remember where.”.

Some technical issues also became painfully apparent. It just crashed at certain points when trying to load the next section and I feel that this shouldn’t really happen, even if my iPad may now be more than two years old. The other thing that got on my nerves was the placement of the hotspots for using the gadgets. Quite often you are producing too many accidental taps when you just wanted to zoom or pan around just like in reverse you never seem to hit the right location when you actually want to activate something. In fact I revisited the first two games and they suffer the same issue, though I couldn’t remember being as aggravated back then. Perhaps my fingers are just getting more arthritic and clumsy?

Overall, though, you could do worse. It’s a nice diversion for a few hours, if not the most satisfactory one. I strongly feel that perhaps the fourth chapter should be the last and resolve the mysteries once and for all.

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