The Week of Non-Happenings

One of the things I really miss about the graphics software industry is some positive excitement. These days I rarely ever get that “Me want!” feeling because things seem so predictable, mundane, ordinary and even dreary. You know, that feeling when something comes out and you want to immediately call the developers idiots because what you just saw reminds you of an uninspired rehash plug-in or tool you already saw elsewhere. Call me jaded, but I’m really getting nostalgic for the old times. Everything seemed so much brighter 15 years ago…

That nostalgia has always been a considerable factor in my weird love-hate relationship with Lightwave. After this years lackluster modo release and The Foundry not tackling some of the more fundamental issues in the program, I’m actually getting a weird tingle when watching Lightwave demo videos just as the new one for the FiberFX renderer. Say what you will, but they’re making quite some leaps. If the rest of the program overhaul is only half as good as the render enhancements, this could be huge.

In a similar vein, one of my bigger regrets for leaving Cinema 4D behind (for the time being) is X-Particles. Along with MoGraph it’s one of the few things that are really doubleplusgood, to use a bit of Newspeak here. They just announced version 3.5 after releasing 3.0 quite earlier this year. A first video shows illumination based emission. Not sure if I’d ever use it, but you never know. In fact it would probably be useful as a trigger for all sorts of destruction mayhem involving laser beams.

Rounding off my nostalgic view back is a bit of Flame news. Autodesk‘s compositing and finishing systems always looked cool, but were so far away because you only could by them as complete, pre-configured systems with all the hardware. Obviously we live in a day and age where some smartphones have the processing power a high-end computer had 15 years ago, so in away, it’s a good thing that they’ve come to their senses and finally allow people to make their own hardware choice.

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