Birthday Bits

Yesterday I was crazy enough to watch the Adobe MAX sneak peeks and once more I couldn’t help but feel WTF? Some of the presentations were just awful and well, that aside, I can’t help but feel that we’re fast approaching Creative Cloud Elements with all those gimmicky features like Extract Shading or 3D printing ugly faces. *yuck*

Anyway, today, which incidentally is my birthday, my mood improved a bit when I saw this video of Lightwave 2016‘s interactive volumetrics. It may not look like much and is in fact just a bad presentation as well, but if you are a 3D artist, you clearly understand the implications of what is shown. Getting this level of near realtime feedback with things like self-shadowing turned on is not a minor feat. I’m really getting a bit excited here… Who knows what else they have up their sleeves? ;-)

Just as a little tidbit follow-up on my casual mention of Natron, it seems things are beginning to fall into place. This little add-on for Blender is no doubt just the beginning. With both apps now supporting Python and being Open Source I would predict that it won’t take long for someone to try and really bring them together…

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