The Grove doesn’t groove

…with me at least. It seems we’re in a phase where there’s a new plant generation tool coming out every week. This one, called The Grove 3D, runs as a paid plug-in to Blender. Yes, that free Open Source 3D program you never used. While they have some half-baked hubub about the alleged “science” used in the plug-in, similar to last week’s Forester I’m not too convinced.

It’s clear that the tool was originally not developed with other users in mind and some of its features are just crude simplifications. I’m all for pruning out twigs and that, but the reality is way more complex then just trimming out every n-th random branch. It also seems that there are considerable issues with the generated geometry in terms of being too dense and disconnected.

Speaking of geometry – Lightwave is finally getting a new geometry engine according to this post. Not that things have ever been completely unworkable, but I can’t count the scripts, plug-ins and workarounds that I’ve seen over the years to fix up weight maps or pin objects to that waving cloth or whatever. This sounds promising.

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