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Miracles happen?

Maxon, what took you so long? When it comes to being closed up, they were closed up as someone who has been tied, gagged and plugged during a BDSM play session (yes, I know how that stuff works; feel free to ask). Gathering from this thread over at CGTalk it seems they’re finally coming around. Did Nigel and many others leaving finally change their minds? For now the pertinent takeaway is:

  • Cineware will use OpenGL previews in the next versions, though that was on of those “my mom could have told” you inevitable things. No real surprise there.
  • MoGraph is being worked on. My prediction is that they are probably taking a good dose of cues from X-Particles or integrate it right away. Otherwise it’s about time. Even when it was fresh, MoGraph‘s infrastructure was already superior to Thinking Particles and I just never understood why they didn’t move on from there.
  • Bodypaint is not dead. I take that mostly as a sign that finally there may be some decent UV layout tools one day. I’m not too convinced they could compete with Mari or Substance Painter for the actual painting, but anything is possible.

It may be worth keeping an eye on this thread and then later on their blog, though I wouldn’t expect them top tell you the color of their underwear. “Openness” from a company is a different thing than what users usually expect.


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  1. I do agree in the Open GL Point, I hope to see this soon. It’s going to improve workflow dramatically.

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