Knock, knock…

Today is a weird day. For days I’d been wondering about some repetitive knocking at the strangest times and today I found out what it actually was.

I live on the 5th floor of a concrete building from 35 years ago and back then they didn’t think of acoustic damping and the walls sometimes feel like paper (yes, you notice when your neighbor is taking a bath or having sex just like everyone is probably wondering about my constant coughing and groaning noses from the pain in my chest), but despite having gotten used to it all my life, unusual disturbances in these repeating patterns of daily routine still drive me up the wall. Ready to accuse my neighbors of doing noisy food preparations or living out their craft hobbies at night, it dawned on me that it must have been something else. The times were just too unusual.

And right I was! Just like a few years ago when a woodpecker took a liking to our outer thermal insulation and a pair of blackbirds had a nest in a venting hole, a magpie was busy pecking holes. I’m wondering what she’s looking for? Hopefully my catching her in the act will scare her away. Even weirder than this, just as I was observing things from my kitchen window a swan flew by two meters in front of it and right at the height you might have grabbed it if it were a little closer. Amazing how big and graceful those creatures are when viewed from so close!

With those images in my mind I then took to my physical therapy and mark my words – you never want to find out how much a totally cramped up thorax can hurt when a masseur is doing his handywork…

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