Take a Crack at this!

You are naughty kids! Yepp, looking for software cracks via my site just isn’t nice and my dashboard doesn’t lie. ;-) Not that I wouldn’t understand your motivations, but you’ll have better luck elsewhere, whether you’re just taking a “I want my stuff to be free” attitude or just want to revive your legally purchased software because e.g. Adobe‘s obnoxiously terrible activation system (and their bad support) force your hand and you need to get your work done. We’ve all been there and sad as it is, I can fully understand it. Sometimes one really feels like even spending a dollar on dysfunctional software is too much. On the other hand, software developers are people, too, and have families, regardless of whether they are cooking up crap like CC 2015 in their day jobs. So be a good citizen and pay your software. if you really want to, there’s always a way…

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