CC 2015 Point (Zero Zero) Two?

The universe is going to make another burp (or rather a dissatisfied loud belch) with the upcoming second year half versions of Adobe‘s video tools. Inevitably in time for IBC the news are trickling in and if I hadn’t better things to do, I’d go *facepalm* all the time. When did the world become so unglorious? Funny enough, the Remix stuff in Audition is much more exciting to me. Back in the day it could have saved us many an hour to get those audio mixes right. You know, no matter what royalty free track you use, they are always too long or too short. Elsewhere they’re getting obsessed with 4k and 8k and HDR color, but I just don’t know… It’s weird that we’re living in the age of video media, but essentially 95% of it is garbage that just doesn’t get better or more interesting just by occupying more pixels.

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