Alive and A-Dead?

I know that when he’s so terribly quiet, he’s usually terribly busy, but for a while there even I was getting worried about Mr. Kramer. After all it’s been almost three months. It’s good to see they left him out of his dungeon working on Star Wars – The Force Awakens. To be honest, though, I feel a little overwhelmed lately with all that Star Wars stuff between a new movie (or two) every year, new games, revived games, complementary comics and the usual merchandise. I will not pretend that I’ve been a die-hard fan (always been more into Star Trek) but the immanent danger is of course that you are missing essential parts of the story when you don’t care for some of that stuff or for technical reasons cannot play those fancy looking games that require decent hardware. The good news is that there’s tons of money involved, so perhaps I should ask A.K. to save the Error Code Database? So far response has been underwhelming and I’m more than inclined to just shut it down again and invest the money donated so far in my diaper stockpile (or alternatively a super-large plush polar bear I’ve always wanted) and not even feel bad about it…

Edit: Fixed the post title for proper grammar. Writing blog-posts early in the morning sometimes is not the best of ideas, obviously. ;-)

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