Boob Raider!

My life in the digital world is full of on-off-love-hate relationships with specific software, and games are no exception. One of those is Tomb Raider and its heroine Lara Croft. I loved the original game back then on my first 486 DX PC. Inevitably I then also got teh second game and that’s when I already lost interest – the game just dragged on and was too long and repetitive. I even got myself a printed solution book (Do you kids even know what this is? ;-) ), but I never actually finished it.

And then for a few years I yawned bored and desinterested every time they announced another game and “rebooting” the series when in fact they mostly “reboobed” it to satisfy adolescent male gamer’s fantasies. I felt very vindicated when a few years ago I picked up Underworld from the budget tray. The same boring concepts just with prettier graphics and a lot of gameplay bugs. That’s exactly how you ruin a series that could be great by being greedy. I’m not even convinced the various current outings would be up my alley for the simple fact that there is too much action. One of the strong points to me always was roaming the halls and solving (logical) puzzles, not having to listen to endless “story” atmospheric babbling, killing opposing fractions or getting stuck in badly designed cul-de-sac situations you only get out of by killing yourself.

It seems my prayers have been heard at least a bit, and so I’m having quite a bit of fun playing Tomb Raider Go! on my iPad. The puzzles are challenging enough, but not overly so, so it’s quite enjoyable and even if you have to start a level again a few times after you got killed or did things wrong the solution comes to you quite naturally. The presentation is of course the highlight. I always liked isometric games somehow and this one was done with a lot of love. I even left Lara standing around in some segments just to watch the animation cycles of some bug or lizard in some levels. It’s amazing how effectively the graphical, reduced style works. I hope somewhere there’s someone already working on a second part (assuming same quality, of course)…

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