Nothing compares 2 U

Wonderful song, isn’t it? I still have those pictures of Sinead O’Connor in my head… In the wake of the recent release of Cinema 4D R17 inevitably those questions popped up on my dashboard about an updated/ revised comparison of modo vs. Cinema. The bad news is, that I’m not going to do it. There’s a number of reasons for this.

First, the new version of Cinema is not yet available even. Obviously I would have to have been part of their Beta to tell you anything right now. Second, I quit my MSA early this year, so aside from the time-limited demo I won’t have access to the program. Not that this is a big thing – I wasn’t planning on going crazy over this, anyway, even if I would get R17. I’ve always been slow to move on to new versions, so it would have taken a while. Third, it’s a simple question of money. Even if I help The Foundry with modo occasionally, I don’t get my software for free. Technically I haven’t even upgraded to 901, though I’m lucky enough to be using it. Fourth and perhaps the most important part: I really don’t care for catching more flak from Cinema fanboys. Last years uproar over the revised version was downright ridiculous, considering that the original article had been there for over a year without anybody taking notice of it. Any offers on cooperation and adding a different perspective and corrections on things I may have gotten wrong were dismissed, so what’s the point?

Here’s the thing: I love myself having all sorts of software around just to satisfy my nerd genes, so if someone can pony up the cash or can provide free unlimited licenses I can still be a good boy and give you those updated articles despite my limited time (my illness is keeping me more and more busy), but otherwise you will have to look elsewhere for guidance.

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