The Power of 10

With regards to operating systems, 10 doesn’t seem to be a good version number. After Apple already have been making everyone’s life difficult with OS X 10.10 for the last nine months or so, it seems Microsoft are following suit. Yepp, as if the inherent issues with the CC 2015 weren’t enough, upgrading to Windows 10 can screw you as in totally screw you when it comes to Adobe applications. In fact this goes even further and affects older versions from CS6 and before just as well. Typical manifestations range from programs not launching at all, producing incomprehensible or blank warning dialogs or stating damaged preferences and missing activation components – even if you did the right thing and deactivated everything beforehand/ signed out of Creative Cloud. There also seem to be installation issues, so there’s no way to repair the mess. From what I read on forums, most people at Adobe have no clue what is happening (but then again, what else is new?), so until someone has figured these things out, you may want to hold off on that “free” Windows upgrade…

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