R17 Cuteness

The search terms appearing on my dashboard questions are cute, I give you that. No sooner do I drop hints about the pending announcements for Cinema 4D on SIGGRAPH, people start probing. I wish I could tell you, but Maxon never loved me that much to invite me to their Beta and of course I’ve dropped out of my MSA. Still, there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun with speculation, so let’s take a stab at what they could potentially show by powers of deduction. First a few things I don’t think will come.

  • There will be no significant changes or improvements to modelling and UV texturing. There’s a reason why 3D Kiwi moved over to modo and that position for a developer with UV experience is still open.
  • Similar points can be made for Hair and Sketch & Toon, also already mentioned in yesterday’s post.
  • Particles could perhaps get a performance boost with better threading, but I don’t think they re-invented Thinking Particles from the ground up. Everyone who needs it already has X-Particles as a substitute and Maxon simply do not have the research resources.

And now the “positive” list of things that may be there.

  • GPU acceleration for the renderer. Yepp, almost inevitably I think that they will have a preview renderer with this stuff. Why? It’s the simplest way to get them out of this catch 22 situation where they don’t have the resources to optimize their algorithms beyond a certain point and have to rely on published research while at the same time still needing to offer a boost using brute force. This already became a bit apparent when they implemented intel‘s Embree kernels to squeeze out a tad more from their Physical renderer and last year’s reflectance stuff being kind of a plug-on architecture might give them a chance to do just that.
  • Speaking of which, we should see more physical based rendering (PBR) stuff. Perhaps they even can manage to actually get subsurface scattering right one of these days?
  • Hitting the same chord, I think they will have some sort of advanced viewport. With modo now having one, games and even plug-ins like Element 3D making some software renderers look like old cheese it’s nearly inevitable.
  • All of the aforementioned points might look good with Cineware, too, and mimic the old Raytrace 3D workflow a bit better.
  • As usual, there will be all sorts of weird small fixes/ enhancements/ WTF changes, but I don’t expect miracles.
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