CC 2015 – To fix or not to fix?

In the never-ending story surrounding the botched CC 2015 release there’s now a little hope – if you want to call it that – by ways of the 2015.1 update for After Effects. That is, if you actually care to use that version, because regardless of fixed bugs other issues still abound and using it may turn out to be a waste of time just as of course a month of development time was “wasted” on fixing something that they should have gotten right in the first place.

Elsewhere people are getting equally nervous about the impending release of this year’s Cinema 4D release with predictions of doom. Those many pages long discussions on CGTalk offer some interesting insights into the hive mind of the user base and saying that many of them are concerned would be an understatement. Of course the new version will be great for some people, but it seems they are getting fewer and farther inbetween since even many people that have been using the program for more than a decade seem pretty fed up. On the bright side, Maxon finally seem to have recognized their failings and are hiring a bunch of developers. Makes me wonder, though, where they expect them to come from. If there were someone out there versed in the Cinema SDK developing a new hair tool we probably would have heard about it by now… Either way, SIGGRAPH is in two weeks and we will know more then, won’t we?

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