Following up on the first season, just yesterday I finished the second one of Orange is the new Black and I’m loving it!

Some of my points still stick – that whole Piper and Larry and their family clans thing is just *yuck* and whenever they cut to those going-ons, you feel like you’re wasting another minute of your life. Thankfully with the changed relationship status  this kinda resolved itself and we may have less of those awkward moments.

Of course the big things in this season is Vee and her manipulative powers coaxing everyone into doing her bidding without making it ever look like something bad is going on. Those are the best kind of evil guys. This adds a nice touch of overall tension to the proceedings, though at times I found the random outbursts of violence a bit too much. I was really shocked what turn Crazy Eyes and Janae took! In the end she gets her due, though it felt constructed all the same.

The Vee thread/ threat also nicely serves to bring out more details about some other girls’ background and makes them more real. I’m not sure if letting American actors speak German without proper training is a good idea, though. It still sounds funny and those scenes with Poussey were kinda creepy to me, but then again getting the grasp of all those slang terms and (fake) accents used elsewhere is equally hard for me and at times just weird.

The overall tone of this season is pretty mixed and while I have to say that at times I had a few good laughs, I didn’t really dig some of the darker moments. This always feels like “We need to reinforce that they are in prison” after everyone was having too much fun. That excursion to Chicago in the first two episodes was just downright depressing.

Figueroa going down and Caputo taking advantage of her at every turn is just hilarious. Fig‘s husband having an affair with the smart cutie was immediately obvious, BTW. How could she not see that? And then being ultimately humiliated by giving head to her successor… *lol* Red became even more endearing, showing her soft and weak side as the mother-hen and fitting in with the other elderly women. It also was nice to get some insights into Moralez and the other Hispanic girls since beyond Daya‘s pregnancy they seemed like pretty decoration mostly.

Overall it’s a nice series and I already regret that I’ll probably have to wait half a year or even longer before the third season will be released on DVD in Germany after it just finished in the US. The still have to chew it through the German Netflix, you know. Dang “exclusive” productions and everyone trying to lure in subscribers. Makes you miss good old times with normal licensing deals and syndication…

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