The Way of the Noodle?

I don’t follow Red Giant kingdom that much anymore since aside from the ump-teenth repackaging of their products and a handful of cheesy glows and canned looks with every Universe update they seem to be all about making money these days instead of real innovation, but it of course so happens that they also gobbled up Trapcode a few years ago and at least on some level that’s still relevant. I still don’t really “get” MIR since it seems hugely redundant with other tools, but now there’s a new toy coming to down that at least looks a bit more like I would use it (if ever necessary). The weirdly named Tao (path; must be fashionable to use exotic names since even the plug-in industry has gone brand-awareness crazy) seems like what we would have loved to have at hand when we were mucking around with 3D Stroke a decade ago, namely geometry-based sharp edges. The checkerboarding in the sample images has me worried, though, and anyone who had ever to deal with the Spline Wrap deformer in Cinema 4D (or modo, or any 3D program for that matter) will of course be aware of other painful issues like banking and up-vector alignment. There’s still a ways to go…

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