CC 2015 – The Sum of all Fears

It’s now one week after the 2015 release of Creative Cloud and calling it a complete disaster would be doing anyone favors. For the time being I have decided to pass and probably won’t bother with the new versions until much, much later. In addition to my already mentioned issues, some additional ones have made the rounds.

  • The current time indicator (CTI) in After Effects often refuses to stop immediately during previews, making it impossible to work on exact timing.
  • Likewise, the previews stop, if the user attempts to drop markers during playback using the numpad keys.
  • The program crashes, if an auto-save happens during a preview. For all these issues it seems to me the Beta testers got carried away with running “uninterrupted previews” and being hypnotized by it without regarding other aspects.
  • On Macs there’s a weird smearing issue, where the CTI is drawn over and over again as it moves. Users only have been able to get rid of those drawing artifacts by quitting the program and restarting it.
  • The obnoxious little app that is Photoshop refuses to import video (even with respect to following troubleshooting steps) or when it works, it is slow as sun-dried cow poop.
  • Of course inevitably most extensions and plug-ins do not work or are blindly nuked by the new aggressive installer procedure.
  • Some tools in Photoshop seem to randomly not work, like e.g. the brush tool being stuck at a default brush and not allowing to pick another one.
  • Premiere Pro will not handle certain footage types that imported just fine in the previous versions and the default footage interpretations for some types are screwed.
  • Using single-channel/ mono files in Premiere causes them to mixdown wrongly. They have audio only on the left channel or the volume is adjusted. The make or break here seems to be that you cannot successfully mix a project with only mono tracks, but you can of you have a stereo track (usually the music) that somehow forces the program to handle this correctly.
  • There is a considerable number of reports of InDesign not remembering file paths from which files were opened or to which they were saved/ exported, which slows down workflows when the users have to navigate complex folder hierarchies over and over again.
  • Syncing of preferences and other stuff seems to pretty much not work reliably for any of the programs, but what else is new?
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