CC 2015 – More Suck on Day three

Continuing our summary of the most glaring issues in CC 2015, this is a good opportunity to end the week before I head off to one more medical appointment.

  • Legacy files open black in Illustrator. There’s obviously an issue where the program doesn’t recognize their version and attempts to use the GPU accelerated renderer to display them while something specific in the files messes with that. This could be placed files with color profiles, objects with transparency or whatever you can imagine. Before they come up with a fix for the issue, the only chance to work with those files is to turn off GPU usage in the preferences.
  • Many apps crash immediately on launch or when quitting. One possible cause is that on Windows the Microsoft Visual C Runtimes 2012 (MSVCRT) are not installed correctly. Try uninstalling them from your Programs and Features system control panel and then download a suitable version directly from Microsoft or reinstall the Adobe programs again after also running the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.
  • Furthering the madness with After Effects‘ newly-fangled rendering engine, there are all sorts of audio issues where it doesn’t play at all or is choppy. This is apparently caused by the fact that when the engine thinks it can’t sustain realtime playback, it simply turns off audio, but with fluctuating framerates this happens on and off arbitrarily and there is currently no way to enforce consistent audio usage. If you haven’t looked at your system’s audio configuration in a long time, now might be a good time to experiment. Start with something simple like conventional 48 kHz at 16bit and forego all the fancies of your ultra-super-duper gaming surround setup.
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