CC 2015 – Fix and new Issues

Continuing yesterday’s listing, I can now happily report that Video CoPilot have fired out a compatible version of Element 3D. Check your account on their web site and download the latest update. Meanwhile, elsewhere it has been confirmed that loading (SonyMXF files in After Effects (and possibly also Premiere Pro) is screwed. As they put it, this is a “root issue” in one of the third-party CoDec libraries, so it may also affect other formats, in particular ones that use MPEG stuff. I also saw an issue with Blackmagic Cinema DNG files, which took the user several attempts of reinstalling After Effects before it worked. Finally, an issue that is here to stay seems to be the ongoing high-DPI interface problems in Photoshop. This time they are reversed, meaning it doesn’t correctly detect smaller screens and the elements simply appear huge. what causes this is unclear, but you may want to investigate a few basic steps like adjusting your screen resolution based on this article over at my Error Code Database.

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