CC 2015 – The Damage so far

As with every new version of Adobe‘s programs over the years, the evil combination of genuine compatibility issues and their sloppy quality assurance hasn’t spared the 2015 release, so there’s all sorts of issues. Even only after one day a picture is forming, so here’s a brief summary of my observations and forum findings so far. Let’s begin with After Effects related stuff.

  • Several plug-ins appear to not be compatible, regardless of some third-party vendors’ claims. The hold-up is obviously the new asynchronous rendering, which will require updates of the code. Most affected appear temporal plug-ins like RevisionFXTwixtor and some others. Definitely check the web sites of the manufacturers and download and install the latest versions.
  • Element 3D is definitely not compatible at this point. This issue will/ should be fixed with the upcoming 2.2 update of the plug-in, but for the time being make sure to leave your CC 2014 version installed.
  • Several scripts and panels no longer work, but what else is new? Scripts are also not automatically migrated, so make sure to back them up before installing the new version and put them back in place later.
  • There appears to be a performance issue with the 3D camera. If you experience slowness in 3D comps, this could be normal and not to blame on any specific plug-in.
  • DynamicLink between After Effects and Premiere Pro seems to be broken in many scenarios and throws this little cutie of an error.
  • The Character app fails to launch and reports as unlicensed. To fix it, sign out of Creative Cloud app and sign in again. You may also need to follow the steps explained here.

Another glaring issue are Lightroom and Camera Raw 9.1 not updating correctly and losing support for certain cameras. If Lightroom doesn’t update, manually uninstall it on the system level e.g. using the Programs and Features system control panel on Windows and then reinstall it with a clean slate from within the Creative Cloud app. If your camera support breaks down, you may want to go back to an older version of the programs/ Camera Raw, respectively. Either check the Older Versions section in the Creative Cloud or manually download them.

Camera Raw (Windows) | (Mac)

Lightroom (Windows) | (Mac)

Since InDesign and Illustrator now use GPU acceleration as well, make sure you update your graphics driver, if you haven’t done this already. That’s it for now, more info as things develop in the coming days and weeks…

Last updated June 17, 2015, 11:28 A.M. (CEST+1)

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