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Non-Update Day

As luck will have it, I actually got up quite early this morning since once again the pain in my lungs was barely bearable and I hadn’t been sleeping well, anyway. It so happens that at 4 A.M. Adobe flipped the switch on the Creative Cloud 2015 editions and if I were into Twitter, I probably could have done some life comment like that:

  • 4:03 – Creative Cloud tells me new update available
  • 4:07 – update stuck
  • 4:13 – nuking the install with the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool
  • 10:47 – finally got that dang thing to install
  • 10:53 – clicking on the Update button for After Effects
  • 2 days later – still staring at files coming in a 300kBit/sec
  • next Sunday – realizing, the update removed all previous versions
  • starting over
  • some day in the future – all Adobe employees present got shot on sight at MAX by frustrated users and you hear about it in the news

That is to say: The whole procedure is going to suck balls just like every time. Forums are already filling up with issues only a few hours later, so be careful and have a plan if and when you go through with this. Pay special attention to that thing with deleting your previous versions and hit the Advanced Options in the Creative Cloud app right away to turn this off, since you might want to keep the 2014 editions around for compatibility reasons until every plug-in, extension or script you may hold dear actually is updated for the new version. For After Effects this is even more critical, since the list of features (temporarily) removed or disabled “due to ongoing architectural changes” is almost longer than the improvements.

Otherwise there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. My points still stand and I remain skeptical about most of it. Adobe is barely moving forward and just half-fixing things. That is even true for Photoshop, Illustrator and other apps – when you have to sell their supporting high-DPI screens, performance improvements or complying to latest web standards as a “feature” then something is certainly wrong. This just has written “lame” all over the place.


One comment on “Non-Update Day

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Creative Cloud is such a pain in the ass. At least 50% of the time over the last 6 months, the installer has failed (mostly for Creative Cloud itself and a few times for specific applications). Not to mention having to close Outlook and other programs in order to get it to proceed. The worst!

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