The Death of Saruman

I’m scared. I’m really, really scared. You know why? Just this morning on my way back from my neurologist I was pondering on the very subject of when people like Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Christopher Plummer or the very Christopher Lee might leave us, given their not being so young anymore, and alas, a few hours later I read that the latter has indeed left us at the age of 93. This kind of precognition like a psychic can really make you think you’re weird (which I probably am, anyway). I guess I never would have thought of it, if not James Last (a kinda famous around here Big Band swing music conductor/ composer/ orchestra leader) had also passed this last weekend. Anyway, the irony naturally is, that I just like pretty much everyone else don’t know too many of Mr. Lee‘s other movies, but we’ll always remember him as the Man with the golden Gun from the James Bond movies, Count Dooku from Star Wars and of course as Saruman the wizard from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I guess Peter Jackson got lucky to finish those films just in time?! I bet he’ll have to cram in some more extra commemorative segments now on the special extended DVDs/ Blu-Rays later that year in addition to the other one. One of those other movies that I fondly remember Mr. Lee for is The last Unicorn where he even did the German voice-over (things being that he was a special operative for the British secret service in WW II). It’s actually a nice movie (despite the corny animation) and I don’t quite understand why it’s regarded so low…

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